For hundreds of years, we have quietly waited for our weekly, bi-weekly, and even monthly paychecks. But why? In time for the Fourth of July holiday, Earnin - the mobile app that lets hourly workers access their unpaid wages anytime they want – has launched a campaign for employees to break free from the system of pay cycles that sits on their wages and declare their right to financial freedom and payday independence.

75 million hourly workers in the US work everyday, and most wait for two weeks to get their pay. Ram Palaniappan, founder of Earnin, says these outdated pay cycles lead to over $1 trillion being held up for weeks every year instead of being in employees’ hands. He created Earnin to give control to workers, and let people access their pay when they decide.

“It’s crazy that this system hasn’t changed in 200 years for one simple reason, those running it have no reason to want a change. Hourly employees let financial institutions and big companies sit on trillions of dollars of their pay, and then end up losing nearly $100 billion to fees because that money is not with them,“ said Palaniappan.

Earnin invites you to sign the pledge today and spread the word that people should be able to get their pay whenever they want, not when someone else decides.

Take the pledge here and revolt against the broken system in three instant steps:

  1. Activate Control

    Access your Earnings, whether they are in the bank or not – if you’ve clocked in the hours, then collect! Never borrow money or get an overdraft fee when you have unpaid wages. TAKE WHAT BELONGS TO YOU! Go to your employer, request your timesheets and with just one camera snap the Earnin app gives you instant financial intelligence and control.
  2. BYOB: Be Your Own Bank

    Don’t let a bank profit off the money you earn when it could be in your wallet. Banks build in expensive fees and policies that take money out of your hand –find ways to beat the system. Don’t get charged to move money, cheaper online alternatives move money just as fast with minimal fees, cut out $35 overdraft charges by accessing your earned pay with Earnin, avoid the “non-customer ATM fee” by carrying the cash you need for the day.
  3. There’s an app for that

    The world has become mobile and social, use it to your advantage. Set up recurring auto-payments for bills, utilize your banks app to notify you when your balance is getting too low then use your Earnin’ app to get it back where it belongs, source advice from friends across your social network apps (and share your own). Technology can turn you into a premier financial guru!

“Earnin is just smart,” said service user Louie Gamon. “I was no stranger to overdraft fees and every time it happened I desperately wished there was a better alternative – then I discovered Earnin. I can’t believe I ever paid $35 when I had hundreds of dollars of my own earned money waiting for me just a click away.”

About Earnin
Earnin is the new, faster way to get paid. Unlike the traditional two-week pay cycle, Earnin unlocks your pay by giving you the money you’ve already earned when you need it most - any time, any day. With Earnin, you choose when to get paid for the hours you’ve already worked – finally giving you control over your finances. Founded in 2013, Earnin is driving consumer-empowered finance through mobile technology by breaking open the more than $1 trillion held up in America’s pay cycle. For more information on Earnin or to download the app, please visit