Join Earnin to get paid the minute you leave work with no loans, fees, or hidden costs.

It’s time to ditch the two-week pay period.

Every year, more than $1 trillion of the money we earn is held up in the pay cycle.
Yet we’re the ones footing billions in overdraft fees.

At Earnin, we believe in a world where everybody should be paid as often as they work.

 What is Earnin?
Our Customers Work
Our Customers
Magic? Almost.

See how the Earnin app sends money straight to your bank account, without having to get your boss involved.

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  • Share details about where you bank.
  • Tell us where you work.
  • Earnin uses your location to note how long you’re at work.
  • When you tap Cash Out, Earnin sends your earnings straight to your bank account.
  • Your job pays you as usual, and Earnin deducts the amount you cashed out.
Pay what you think is fair (yes, seriously)

Earnin is a community that looks out for one another. We’ve found most of our members appreciate not having to pay extra fees and penalties to banks and the like — and support us and one another when they’re able to do so.

    1. Add a tip
    2. Each time you cash out, you can support Earnin directly by tipping in the app.
    1. Pay it forward
    2. When you can, leave a bigger tip to cover someone who can’t.

After verifying, I was able to have access to my money right away - instantaneously.

It was absolutely amazing.

Kwam, Earnin Customer, New York